Busking In The Bura: The Life of a Split Entertainer

It’s my anniversary this month! I’ve been living in Split for a whole year and can’t believe that I was ever nervous to make the move! I’ve been performing regularly and life has never felt sweeter. People here are always willing to help and lend a hand. They introduce you to other like-minded people they know. There’s a real word-of-mouth movement here and for this reason it reminds me of Jersey C.I. somewhat! Someone knows someone who knows someone’s wife etc…


That’s how I started gigging regularly in Bokeria. A friend of mine showed one of my music videos to a friend whose sister knew the manager of the restaurant. The same friend’s husband told a promoter who was looking for live music on Riva back at Christmas time about me. And that’s how I accepted my craziest gig to date! A gig where I would come to learn the full force of the bura wind!

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