Jersey 2015 Island Games

Last year I was asked if I would return to Jersey to sing for the Opening Ceremony of the NatWest Island Games. It has been nearly 30 years since Jersey hosted the last Island games so it wasn’t something I would miss given the opportunity.

My Croatian partner (currently sailing around Europe) told me to prepare myself for the weather. He had only just visited Guernsey and had warned me that the weather was, “Winter in June!” He’s known to be blunt but time with this man has taught me, annoyingly correct under most circumstances.

I therefore packed jeans, t-shirts and one optimistic skirt incase we reached 25 degrees at some point… what can I say? Living on the Dalmatian coast now for over a year, I am more nonchalant about what constitutes “summer weather”…  20 degrees and I’m still keeping my feet covered and having a cardigan to hand! It wasn’t always that way of course! Unless it was winter in Split, I was wearing my flip-flops at any given time!

Well, my partner couldn’t have been more wrong! I landed in Jersey 2 weeks ago in the evening and from that day it has been a straight up run of hot weather and sunny skies.  The Island was buzzing with all the additional islanders and visitors participating or watching the games, and they really got to experience the best that Jersey has to offer!

Every Jersey Bean knows that when the weather is good, there is nowhere else you would rather be! Which is exactly what the Dalmatian’s say about Dalmatia (but they feel this way all year round pretty much!)

I remember when I lived in London I would feel homesick whenever it was a sunny day because I'd just be wishing I was on St Ouen’s bay feeling the sand beneath my toes.

For the time that I have lived away, each time I have come back to Jersey on holiday, the weather hasn’t been great. I would always seem to miss the good runs of sunshine… Not this time though! This time Jersey had temperatures that matched Split! It’s been glorious and I’m leaving this morning with a heavy heart and feelings of nostalgia.

It has been fantastic to feel part of the island again for this brief period. The opening ceremony went smoothly despite having a week to organise a band for my part of the event! There's nothing like a bit of drama to make life interesting!

I particularly enjoyed watching my sister-in-law do her thing competing in the beach volleyball tournament that was held in the centre of town and it was great that it proved very popular with the crowds. I’m a fan of anything that keeps people interested in sport or introduces a new sport or a healthier lifestyle! And the sunshine kept people out on the streets and in good spirits!

This morning I’ll make my journey back to Split, Croatia, feeling slightly homesick but super proud of my little nine by five island that won 50 gold medals and put on a great show! 

Until next time, my beautiful Jersey... x