Hello world! I'm now a Mrs!

It's been a while since I wrote a blog on my life in Split! oops! Was my last post really from July last year?! A lot has happened since then, I can tell you! My partner proposed to me and we organised our wedding within a 9 month period! We got hitched in Split just over 3 weeks ago in a clifftop church on the island of Ćiovo in front of our closest friends and family. It was a truly magical day with fantastic music provided mainly by friends of ours and a fantastic rockabilly swing band, Tom & The Twisters! Check them out here: https://www.facebook.com/TomandtheTwisters/?fref=ts

The summer ahead seems to be full of adventure with us heading on our honeymoon and chasing european dates for the Bruce Springsteen River tour! Along with performing at weddings and private events, you can also catch me playing open gigs here in Split. Follow me on my Facebook page for regular updates and keep a check on my events page here.

I'll leave you now with a video that we took recently. Here's me sound checking at the wonderful St Marks' Monastery on the island of Hvar. We thought we'd make a sneaky video but the weather had other ideas! Watch to the end for a giggle! 

Big Love, M x

When you're sound checking but the weather has other ideas... Sade, By Your Side

Busking In The Bura: The Life of a Split Entertainer

It’s my anniversary this month! I’ve been living in Split for a whole year and can’t believe that I was ever nervous to make the move! I’ve been performing regularly and life has never felt sweeter. People here are always willing to help and lend a hand. They introduce you to other like-minded people they know. There’s a real word-of-mouth movement here and for this reason it reminds me of Jersey C.I. somewhat! Someone knows someone who knows someone’s wife etc…

That’s how I started gigging regularly in Bokeria. A friend of mine showed one of my music videos to a friend, whose sister knew the manager of the restaurant. The same friend’s husband told a promoter who was looking for live music on Riva back at Christmas time about me. And that’s how I accepted my craziest gig to date! A gig where I would come to learn the full force of the bura wind!

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Climbing Olive Trees / Penjanje na stabla maslina

So it’s been over 6 months since my move to Croatia and the first time that I’ve been available for olive picking season. This is something that I have wanted to do ever since I heard that Ante’s family had kept olive trees for generations and each year they make olive oil from them. For one reason or another, I always “escaped” as Ante likes to call it...

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Bird Is The Word / Ptica je riječ

In my first blog I mentioned that as I am learning Croatian, I am often using words in the wrong context or using a word in place of another that sounds similar to my ear. This is referred to in English as a “malapropism.” I dare any Croat to drop this word into a conversation with the English. I guarantee they will be impressed with your knowledge of our language as for sure they will have to look this word up just as I did!

My first malapropism was when I was trying to convey detest for mosquitoes to Mama & Papa Franić...

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A Typically British BBQ / Tipični britanski roštilj

Firstly, I should explain myself… This blog has only come about because I was sharing my experiences of life in Croatia with a complete stranger at a typically British BBQ that I had gate crashed. When I say “typically British” I of course mean it was raining. When I say gate crashed… I was visiting some friends that had recently swapped the smog of London town for the cleaner airs of Surrey. They had been invited and it was a chance for them to meet their new neighbours. When they mentioned that the people hosting were from Serbia there wasn’t much to think about! I knew that this would be no “ordinary BBQ”

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